How to leash train a puppy

How to Leash Train A Puppy or House Training a Puppy

While the first thing you’ll want to know is how to potty train a puppy – when it comes to taking that pup outdoors you’re going to want to know how to leash train a puppy.

The earlier you train your puppy on a leash the quicker they will learn and the easier it will be to do. As with any kind of dog trainers different trainers can (and will) different methods of training.

The first step House Training a Puppy in leash training a puppy is to get him or her used to wearing a collar. Place it around their neck while they’re distracted by playing or eating and fasten it so it sits comfortably. They will likely start to paw at it and try to slip out. Continue to do whatever you were doing before until the puppy forgets about it. After a while they’ll forget about it and that’s when you take it off. Do this a few times over a few days and they’ll learn to accept wearing it.

The next step Training A Puppy on House learning how to leash train a puppy is getting your puppy used to the actual leash itself. If you want to get an expensive leash then that’s up to you, but to start with get a cheap lightweight leash and clip it on to the collar. Don’t hold it yourself but let the pup run around with it trailing them until they accept it. Keep an eye on them while you do his to make sure they don’t hurt them selves.

House Training a Puppy At an early age your puppy will usually enjoy being close to people and this can help with your next step. Begin with taking your puppy on short walks around the house or garden while holding the leash. Leave a lot of slack on the leash and don’t be too firm.

When (not if) you puppy pulls or tugs against the leash you have to resist the urge to pull them back. Stop moving and call them back using the same consistent command. Give lots of praise when they come back and then carry on walking. You need to be clear and patient while doing this. Some puppies may pick this up quickly while others will take a little longer. Just remain patient and consistent with your training.

The earlier you start leash training the easier it will be. Because you’re looking at s how to leash train a puppy you’ll have it easier than trying to retrain an older dog.